Intangibles through Manpower Planning: Reviving workload studies

This article is authored by Janmenjaya Sharma, Manager Organization Development with Raysut Cement Company (RCC), Oman, Fellow of the Asian Human Resource Board (Aspi). He has over 12 years of work experience and is a gold medallist in MHRD and MPA. He may be contacted on


A survey of 30 HR Managers from the Cement Industry in India and UAE who involved themselves in the exercise of Man Power Planning (MPP) reveals that their concentration remains on accomplishing organization structuring and getting the vacant positions filled. Often this is done through the manpower acquisition forms to be filled in by the respective heads of departments which are then forwarded to the HR Department through the proper channels. The most neglected parts, revealed through this study, were to answer the basic question on how many employees we actually need in the department? Is the process being followed by the department the best and does it confirm the requirement of those numbers of employees?

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