Here’s from us to you – an assorted list of articles, templates and tools that we have created over the years that you may download, print and circulate. Right-click on the links to save the files. If you require any particular tool/template that is not available here, do reach us using the contact form and we will do our best to create one for you!

Peeling the Neurological Onion: A powerful tool for self-exploration and integration with your purpose.

The Holistic PMS Model: An article on our proprietary performance management framework.

A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Engage Contemporary Corporate India: A paper on conflict resolution and sensitisation in corporate India

A Concept Note on Learning Effectiveness Evaluation: A note on the Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation and ROI on training.

A Concept Note on Training Need Analysis: A note on various ways of conducting training need analysis.

Goal Setting in the VUCA World: An article on how the concept of goal setting has taken on new meaning in the current dynamic times.

Goal Setting Toolkit: A tool kit to clarify and outline personal goals and the skills needed to achieve them.