Restructuring Organization: Transition from functional to matrix organizational structure

This article is authored by Janmenjaya Sharma, Manager Organization Development with Raysut Cement Company (RCC), Oman, Fellow of the Asian Human Resource Board (Aspi). He has over 12 years of work experience and is a gold medallist in MHRD and MPA. He may be contacted on


With the turbulent changes in business environment and the entry of knowledge workers, the pace of changes in psychological contract has increased tremendously. Thus to maintain the job satisfaction and job productivity has brought new challenges for today’s Manager Human Resources. One of the areas most confronted by people dealing in Organization Change and Development is the suitability of organization structure in accordance with the contemporary demands of market competition and changed expectations of employees. This article attempts to help HR professionals in such issues of structural changes, specifically from traditional functional structure to more contemporary matrix structure with a special reference for manufacturing industries. The article suggests the advantages and disadvantages of the matrix structure and points at the hint which HR Managers can use wisely to take the decision for the change. Further the attempt is being made to provide the requirements to be taken care of while implementing the structural changes- procedural requirement, policy requirements, skill requirements and cultural requirements. The article gets concluded with defining broad steps for the change process, so as the desired success can be attainted through the proposed structural change.

The article can be downloaded here: Restructuring Organizations_Janmenjaya Sharma


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