Dr. Sanjyot Pethe

Sanjyot is a leadership and talent development professional,executive coach and facilitator. She serves as a seniorSanjyot Pethe consultant as well as an advisor at Exult! Solutions.

In a career spanning over two decades, she has designed and executed leadership development programmes and organizational development initiatives, created content, facilitated change and delivered training and coaching in a variety of settings. She has helped leadership teams to sort out issues, create strategies, build culture, bring about specific changes in people. She has a doctorate in management with strong conceptual knowledge. She brings a strong foundation of theory and a rich experience of practice. Apart from being an ICF certified coach, she also has a certifications in MBTI, DISC, OPQ 32, Workplace Big 5 and De Bono’s creativity techniques. She specializes in building personal effectiveness, relationship building and networking and organizational development.