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Busting the Myth of Time

These videos are recordings of a public talk delivered by Rukmini Iyer, Director, Exult! Solutions on ‘Busting the Myth of Time’ at the HELP Library, Mumbai, India on 23 Aug 2010. We will be glad to have your feedback/comments on the talk at info@exult-solutions.com






Revel in Resurrection

– Rukmini Iyer, Director, Exult! Solutions

The energy of a festival is about accessing that aspect of you that the festival represents to you. It matters not whether the festival is associated with a certain religion, country or community. It matters not whether you know or are aware about the festival or not. If your energy resonated with the spirit of the festival, it is reason enough to celebrate – at the level of the unconscious. And when that percolates to the level of the conscious, it is the ecstasy and revelry of the festival that we observe on earth, combined with the solemnity of the rituals associated with it.

The energy of Easter is that of resurrection. Our social conditioning and lifestyles are such that often, we live so that we may die, contented. The Christ taught us to die so that we may live, contented. The concept of death from the Christ’s perspective needs to be viewed from an angle far different from the narrow negative connotation that we have lent it. Death is simply a beautiful process of acceptance of all that is about oneself and embracing it, so that there is contentment with one’s potential at a certain level of awareness. This contentment instantly results in opening up higher levels of potential, leading us to ascension. Death is the point of embrace that opens up a new life. Death is the setting of the moon so that the sun may rise. The empowering aspect of this process is that we are the Earth, rotating and revolving of our own volition – and therefore determining the setting of our moon and the rising of our sun.

This Easter, let us tap into the energy of resurrection in every aspect of our life that we choose to ascend in. For example, if it is your career that you wish to revitalise, embrace everything about your professional life. Embracing is a more active process than resigned acceptance. Be in gratitude to self and to others who have been instrumental in steering you to be where you are, or are not, for this is the foundation on which you will now build. Outline the lessons from successes and failures experienced so far. What is the value that you have created? How far is your vocation a true representation of yourself? Answer these questions and own them. Ownership of a situation is essential if you wish for a right to change it. Accountability is the key to progress. Once you are in that state of ownership and embrace, release the situation to yourself: you are the image of God that you may worship. In this release is death – and the fertile ground for resurrection.

When the Christ said on the Cross, ‘Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do’, it was an acknowledgment of his situation, forgiving himself and his imperfections in the human form that He had earlier not accepted – and releasing himself to Himself. That facilitated the ground for burial of the old and the rising of the new.

This Easter, rise afresh and chart out what you wish to create anew. What value do you intend to create for self and hence for the world? What is your truth? How do you wish to manifest it? The answers will tell you what to work for, provided you are accountable for them. Access the energy of Easter every time you wish to recreate self. If you so intend, there is Easter in every moment of every day.

The Christ was never about a community. The Christ is that aspect of our consciousness that urges us to move towards complete acceptance and embrace of oneself in order to facilitate recreation. If you regard religion as a system of belief and worship, you are limiting your access to yourself. Regard religion as a way of life and it will open up you to yourself. All ways of life naturally lead to more of life, more of self, more of potential.

May this Easter spur a timeless ecstatic loop of resurrection!